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About Us

SATIVA is recognised as a CERTIFICATION BODY to several schemes:

  • Organic Farming (Reg. (CEE) no. 834/2007) (The identification number of SATIVA as a EU Certification Body for Organic Farming is PT/AB03)

  • Integrated Crop Management (ICP)

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


  • BRC Food

  • Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  • Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

  • Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

  • Meat and poultry labelling schemes

  • Egg labelling schemes

SATIVA is also working as an INSPECTION BODY for:
  • Nature et Progrès – Sel (Traditional sea salt, clothes, candles, etc.)

Besides inspection and certification, SATIVA cooperate with TRAINING ACTIVITIES such as farmers training actions, agricultural technicians training actions and University Post-graduation and Master of Science programs.

SATIVA is a private company founded in 1994. At this moment SATIVA works with about 800 clients, among individual growers, processors and packagers, group organisations and retailers. The most important scheme for SATIVA is Organic Farming, not only because it represents the biggest number of clients (SATIVA certifies over 50% of the Portuguese organic growers), but also because of the exponential growth of organic sector.

As a Certification Body according to EN 45011 (ISO Guide 65), SATIVA has non-discriminatory and objective procedures and the company structure allows impartiality and confidentiality.

SATIVA has a Consulting Board of Certification where all the intervenient in the schemes’ product chains are represented; this advisory body discusses several certification matters.

Under these schemes SATIVA deals with a variety of crops, livestock and products such as fruits and vegetables, cereals, rice, olives, herbs, meat, poultry, eggs, honey, salt, animal feed, flowers, olive oil and wine.


António Mantas Manager;
Certification Manager Agronomist (1987), Master of Science in Organic Farming (2000); National Plan for Organic farming co-author; formal training in auditing, HACCP, IPM, ICM; EUREPGAP auditing. several years experience as Certification Manager in a CB (EN 45011); Project evaluation; teacher and trainer in agriculture; 7 years technical adviser in fruit and vegetables growing sector
Luísa Pestana Bastos Manager;Quality Responsible;
Inspector Agronomist (1987); formal training in organic farming, IPM, ICM, auditing, fruit and vegetables manufacturing, EUREPGAP train the trainer course, BRC third party auditor. several years experience as inspector and auditor; 10 year experience as Quality Manager
Mafalda Carneiro Inspection Responsible;
Inspector Zootechnic Engineer (1993), Veterinary Medicine studies, Post-graduated in Organic Farming and Livestock; formal training in auditing, HACCP, IPM and ICM, meat processing, food safety, GLOBALG.A.P. auditing; several years experience as Inspection Responsible in a CB (EN 45011); several years experience as inspector; 1 year experience as technical advisor in livestock and poultry production units
and incubation centre.

SATIVA has a team of more than 30 technicians between inspectors and auditors.

SATIVA technicians have a large experience in organic farming and livestock, namely the Certification Responsible, who is Master of Science in Organic Farming and the Inspection Responsible who is Post-graduated in Organic Farming and Livestock.

All the personnel involved in inspection and certification sign an agreement to state the commitment in complying all the rules defined by the certification body, including those related with confidentiality and independence from commercial and other interests and to declare any prior or present association with a supplier to the evaluation or certification of which they are to be assigned.

Portuguese is the mother tongue for all the staff but English, French and Spanish are also working languages.

SATIVA carries out evaluations of the performance of all the personnel involved in inspection and certification.


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